Welcome to Jared Harper Music. Jared is an upcoming familiar yet fresh sound coming to the music industry. A singer-songwriter from San Francisco, he brings his taste and flavor to the stage of music. Influence behind his lyrics are driven from everyday life. The spark of his songwriting stems from the early days of modern music during the 50s, 60s, and 70s from the lines written by Lennon and McCartney to the melodies created at Motown.

Now having explored and refined his talents, he is bringing his taste and flavor to the stage. In the style of Pop/Rock (but not exclusive to), he creates pieces of work that the audience can relate to. His EP “If I’m Being Honest” is just a taste of the songs he has written. It stands for the honesty and relatability in his writing. Jared believes that there is a special bond created between the artist and the listener, which can only be melded by the lyrics and melody.